The blender is becoming one of the most demanded appliances in the last year, because of its versatility and because it allows us to extract all the juice of fruits and vegetables guaranteeing the properties they possess.

The popular site have explained that finding the best blenders in the market is no simple task, especially if you are a little fish and you do not know how to distinguish it from the best glass blender. If you are thinking of buying one, this post interests you because I will tell you some of the things here that you should know before launching yourself to buy one. You have to know to buy the best blender on the market.

Types –  Look at the nozzle where fruit and vegetables enter. In the ancaha mouthpiece you can throw whole pieces, and not have to chop them. It is a way to save on time and make it easier for you to make wonderful juices

Power –  Look for a blender with a minimum power of 600 W, one with less power does not guarantee you an excellent shake. In addition to greater power will be the time of liquefied and energy expenditure, it is better to buy one that gives you good results, think that although the energy expenditure is higher, the time of use compared to the lower power is reduced, which the expense you will not see it too excessive.

Capacity –  You have 1’5 L blenders, which comes great for two juices, but if you want to make juice for more people looking for a larger capacity, there are in the market up to 2’5 L.

Cleaning –  Look for a model that allows you to almost completely disassemble it to be able to clean it without too much complication. The current models are designed to wash your parts in the dishwasher.

Uses –  It is not the same if you buy a blender for two or for a large family like mine. You have to see the functionality that will give you and the capacity of it. There are currently models with specific programs depending on the fruit or vegetable you are going to use, such as anti-splash and safety buttons, this usually increases the cost of the blender.

I particularly like those with the typical off / on buttons and speed regulator, older children are better handled with this type of blender

Design –  The most baratita are made of plastic material, which with a good use and maintenance will last perfectly, but there are also finishes in stainless steel and enamel which are the most expensive and most expensive. Everything will depend on your tastes and budget and space in the kitchen.

Final Words: We are very sure that the above information will help you to buy the ideal blender for your needs. some of the peoples think the blenders also work as a cooking robots but its not true. To have a features of cooking robots have to buy particularly. Go to to have a look at latest technology cooking robots in the market with expert written reviews.