The mobile covers are a recommended accessory to protect the smartphone. There are of all types, but which are the best? We discussed it. If there are mobile models to bore, imagine how many Counter-Strike Phone Cases you can find in the market. Plastic, metal, stuffed … There is a cover suitable for each person. Or several, of course. But which are the best? I answer giving you long: the best case for mobile is the one that suits you. Okay, that was the easy answer, so now I’ll try to get the tickle out of each type of sheath. As is often the case, depending on how you use your mobile phone, it should be your case. It is even advisable to have several at your disposal to change from time to time.

Types Of Covers For Mobile

There are many styles and designs, but all the models are encompassed around some key characteristics. What are they.

Bumpers Or Contour Housings

Protect the impact area from falls. Sides and edges, with a bumper you can save your phone without bothering too much daily use.

Back Covers

This accessory protects the sides, the contour and also the back of the smartphone. There are different thicknesses and materials, everything will depend on what level of protection you want.

Rugged Covers

Or anti shocks, which protect the mobile most. They are a variant of the housings, but they differ from them in their resistant frame appearance. They are designed to protect against larger falls.

Thin Silicone Or Plastic Cases

They are a variant of the carcasas. And they are presented with the right size and thickness to protect from scratches. They usually can not handle the blows.

Book Or Flip Type Covers

They are quite popular today: that type of protections that, in addition to protecting the back and sides of the mobile, has a lid that pivots on the spine. Like a book, hence the name.

“Horteras” Covers

I leave this type of covers for the end because I do not know how to classify them. I have seen everything: from a giant M & M to a blue plush; going through a packet of chips (true). They are that type of covers that do not provide any comfort when using them but which, on the other hand, are different from the others . And tacky as they are alone. Beyond the types of covers, there are different materials for its construction. Generally the plastic of different textures and the silicone. Metal is something unusual.

Not only do they protect, mobile covers bring character and personality thanks to being available with different designs and colors. Classic, aggressive, with popular characters … If your phone has been sold fairly sure you find all kinds of compatible cases.

Let’s enter fully into the heart of the matter: what are the best mobile cases?

The Safest Covers

I would opt for the rugerized ones or the anti-shock ones in the first place . They are designed for that, hence they are the most appropriate. Then I would go for a flip-type case that has a resistant case: it protects the body and also the screen.

The Most Comfortable Cases

Ok, the phone can fall, but most of the time we will hold it in our hands. And it does not do any good to have a book around the phone, so I would opt for a bumper. It protects the essentials while it is used without complications.

The Covers For Those Who Want To Show Their Mobile

Have you ever heard: why do you buy an expensive mobile if you end up putting a case? Transparent silicone cases are a very good option. There are also plastic materials that do not hide the design of the smartphone.

Covers For Those Who Only Want To Carry The Mobile

If the mobile already allows payments, what’s the point of going with the portfolio? Well, you have to bring your ID card, travel voucher … To do this, nothing like a flip or book type case in which to put from cards to tickets. Usually they sell them with that functionality, although you may have to look for something more specific.