Having an animal at home is not only an excuse for not being clean but quite the opposite. When we have a pet living with us we receive endless benefits. However, like everything in life, the experience is not exempt from some inconveniences and one of them is that our house is going to get dirty. So that this does not happen to you, we will show you in this article tips to keep the house clean if we are living with a dog.

That Cleaning Does Not Stop You From Living With A Dog

More than one and more than two have retreated after deciding to adopt a dog thinking about the inconveniences that they will find when cleaning the house. It is true that a household the more inhabitants have more dirt, but it is no less true that if we all put on our side the problem is minimized . So do not regret the decision you have made and take good note of how to have your house clean if you are living with a dog or have thought about doing it.

How To Keep The House Clean If  We Are Living With A Dog

Bring The Cleaning Up To Date . The saying ‘Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today’ is very true, so do not go putting off the time to clean but do it daily. You will prevent the dirt from accumulating and it will be easier for you to want to continue living with a dog.

Eliminates Odor . When we enter a house one of the first things we perceive is its aroma. For that reason we do not want that what our guests first notice is that we are living with a dog . It is not a good idea to fill the house with air fresheners, masking an odor with another will end up being unpleasant. It is better that you put into practice some of the many tricks that exist to fight against this problem. Do not forget to take care of your breath too .

Simplify Your Home . One of the problems you can have when it comes to cleaning your home when there is a pet is that you have furniture and items that are difficult to clean. That is why he chooses tapestries and carpets that do not require great care and that are not complicated to clean .

Without Ammonia . A big mistake we can make when cleaning our house is to do it with ammonia. Do not ever do it since its smell is similar to that of urine and the result as you can imagine will be ominous.

No Trace Of Hairs . One of the worst moments when we are living with a dog is the change of hair. Then the need for cleanliness multiplies. We will use the vacuum cleaner both for the sofas, as for the floor and the rest of the surfaces for which our mascot lives.

Brushed . Both at the time of the change and the rest of the year have the habit of brushing your dog daily . In this way we will reduce to the maximum the problem of finding hairs everywhere.

Goodbye To The Feather Duster . Forget about using a duster to clean the dust, you will only spread the dirt. It is better to pass a wet cloth through the furniture.  It will take the hair and dead skin that may be on them. Of course, also the dust.

Keep Your Belongings Clean . Do not have a corner full of clutter and messy for your dog to sleep. That is tidy and clean , in this way to be living with a dog will be easier. Chaos is very stressful.

His Bed . Try to shake your dog’s bed every day, including sheets, blankets, cushions or dolls. Also try to wash everything once a week .

Education . For everything in life education is essential, for cleaning the home as well. So he accustoms the animal to having good hygiene habits , bathing it every 15 days and teaching him to do his needs outside the home since he is just a puppy. You can check out the Tips for cleaning after your puppy pees, on internet for reference.

Ventilate . Something fundamental to breathe a fresh environment is that you ventilate your house daily. Open the windows well and let the air take away any bad smell. Do it both in summer and in winter.