When it comes to choosing a plastic surgeon it is important to rely on data that is as objective and reliable as possible. To guide you through this process, dr sofonio plastic surgeon will show you today some keys that you must take into consideration before choosing a plastic surgeon to submit yourself to any Aesthetic Medicine intervention.

Check that the doctor who is going to operate you is a specialist in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. A very easy way to obtain this information is to ask at the Medical Association of your province. They have the list of registered doctors and their specialty.

Ask the plastic surgeon what professional associations you belong to. Although this does not constitute a guarantee of success, it does indicate that the surgeon has passed a certain selection process.

Make sure that the first assessment consultation is the plastic surgeon who is going to operate you. During the same, the surgeon should know your expectations and explain in a transparent manner the limitations, risks, and complications that the intervention may entail.

Investigate the academic training and professional experience of the plastic surgeon in the intervention to which you are going to submit. This will give you clues about your professional competence.

He distrusts surgeons who do not perform a meticulous study of the body area that will be operated on. This should include the taking of photographs and the sample of images of results of the same operation in other patients already operated by him.

Do not trust surgeons who do not request a complete pre-anesthetic study before the operation. This step is essential to ensure that your state of health is optimal. Likewise, they should inform you of all the possible complications related to the operation (which appear in the informed consent document that must be given to you in good time before the intervention, so that you can read it quietly at home and understand it).

Make sure that the health center where the intervention is to be carried out is approved by the corresponding Ministry of Health and that it has all the necessary means. Make sure that the postoperative follow-up is carried out by the same plastic surgeon who performed the intervention. He is the one who knows what was done and why.

Do not base your choice of surgeon exclusively on the price. This is not an indication of the professionalism or the honesty of the plastic surgeon. Consult with several surgeons and choose the one who has established a better communication with you and has generated greater confidence.