Although it looks like a tostón, filtering the oil after each use allows you to remove the remains of food that have been floating and that can begin to decompose. If it is fried potatoes is not so necessary, because with the skimmer you can remove the pieces that remain in the oil. But if we talk about fried foods in which egg or breadcrumbs are involved, it is important that you do it for the good maintenance and quality of the oil.

Change The Oil When It Gets Dark

Whenever the oil in the fryer begins to darken, change it , even if it seems that you can still endure something else, because it is quite transparent.

The Food Must Be Thoroughly Dry When You Put It In The Fryer

If you put a fryer in the largest air fryer that is not well dried, the water it carries favors the decomposition of the oil , being harmful to the oil and to yourself.

Fill The Fryer With The Indicated Amount of Oil

Finally, you should always fill the fryer with the right amount of oil that indicates the fryer tank. If you put less oil than indicated, you will only favor that the oil gets hot more than necessary , unnecessarily.