No one wants to waste time when trying to lose weight. And surely you wonder if there is one exercise more effective than another to achieve our long-awaited goal and, if possible, in record time. Well the experts in physical activity seem to have found the solution to eliminate accumulated fat: just wear your shoes and follow this circuit that combines toning exercises with a little cardio. Go for it!

Intramuscular Fat, In Focus

Intramuscular fat is a fat that is deposited between the muscle fibers, and although it is not often mentioned, it is one of the reasons why you may not be able to lose weight; as it makes the process much slower. The good news is that it is a type of fat that we can burn easily with exercise . So it will be no problem getting rid of it!

A Safe Bet For Health

The plan of fupa exercises that we propose, has the main objective to burn the fat located in the abdomen and, as we said, the internal fat of the muscles in general; but not only. This circuit will help us maintain a healthy weight and prevent diseases such as diabetes 2 . In fact, it is especially recommended for people with this condition, who usually have more difficulties when it comes to losing weight and, at the same time, control their blood sugar levels.

Anti-Glue Shock Plan

Where to start? It is important to carry out a previous warm-up in order to increase body temperature and avoid injury. In this way, the body is prepared for the toning exercises that we specified below.

In Order To Lose Weight It Is Important To Tone

Experts recommend starting with toning exercises and leaving cardiovascular exercises – such as walking, swimming or cycling – for after-tone training . “This is because the effort made during the toning helps to deplete the energy reserves that are supplied to the muscles, so after that time the body starts to burn fat, without losing muscle, while improving the aerobic endurance. At the end, it is advisable to gently stretch the muscle.

Know Your Fat Percentage

We encourage you to calculate the amount of fat you have in your body, your body mass index, your ideal weight, the daily calories recommended according to your personal characteristics and much more!

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