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Nowadays, when spaces tend to be reduced, something that usually worries is the use of them in an efficient way.

For this, as I have always advised, it is best to turn to a best landscape designer, who will know how to plan that space sifted by a specific garden style and a practical distribution of it.

For amateur people who want to make their own garden, I can advise you not to be scared as small as it may be, in the minimum space you can get amazing results while remaining sensible.

It is often a very common obstacle to think “total, in these 20 meters what I’m going to do, I leave it flat and that’s it”. Obviously it is a solution as comfortable as it is ugly, because no matter how beautiful a floor can be equated to the beauty of a small piece of landscaped garden and it shows on the part of those who make that decision that they do not like to live in contact with nature.

Once we know the possibilities we have, we will get to work taking into account the advice I suggest for this type of small spaces:

– Light colored plants (glaucous, gray, golden) , variegated, yellowish … etc) give optical sensation of greater space since the light colors reflect more light and more clearly than green.

The same sensation is found with vegetables with tiny leaves , which cause the psychological effect of distance , as opposed to vegetables with large leaves that stifle the feeling of living space.

– Create different areas , even if they are very small because this optically gives a greater sense of whole than leaving a unified or diaphanous area where the view loses the real perception of the comparative space and “dwarfs” optically. Everyone knows that when we began to furnish an empty room (which seemed small) is when we realize the real dimension of your space.

– In small spaces, we will NOT use grass and if we do it, it will be in very specific areas.

– If we create parterres they will never be straight (blunt) but finished in peaks (trapezoidal) or in the form of ovals and ellipses.

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Although it looks like a tostón, filtering the oil after each use allows you to remove the remains of food that have been floating and that can begin to decompose. If it is fried potatoes is not so necessary, because with the skimmer you can remove the pieces that remain in the oil. But if we talk about fried foods in which egg or breadcrumbs are involved, it is important that you do it for the good maintenance and quality of the oil.

Change The Oil When It Gets Dark

Whenever the oil in the fryer begins to darken, change it , even if it seems that you can still endure something else, because it is quite transparent.

The Food Must Be Thoroughly Dry When You Put It In The Fryer

If you put a fryer in the largest air fryer that is not well dried, the water it carries favors the decomposition of the oil , being harmful to the oil and to yourself.

Fill The Fryer With The Indicated Amount of Oil

Finally, you should always fill the fryer with the right amount of oil that indicates the fryer tank. If you put less oil than indicated, you will only favor that the oil gets hot more than necessary , unnecessarily.

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With the increasing challenges that all companies face, many companies have launched various initiatives to further grow corporate profits and shareholder value, some have discovered the strategic value of corporate awards and corporate gifts.
From the boardroom to the first line to the client throughout the country, corporate prizes and gifts offer many benefits to improve performance. Not only is your appreciation shown to the employee or client, the establishment of a standard of appreciation for the hard work and dedication.

Corporate Awards Benefits:
The success of a company depends on its employees and its abilities.With the incentive of a prize or gift of corporate company to attract and retain current employees to continue to get more in the workplace. Corporate awards are ideal for:

  • Management
  • Talent Retention
  • Objectives
  • Sales
  • Public Relations
  • A direct effect on the company’s profits.

Things To Keep In Mind When Giving The Corporate Award: How many times do you get the prize? Most companies have an annual dinner or corporate functions, where companies give year awards. This would be the best time to show your appreciation.
What kind of recognition do you want the custom acrylic awards to represent? You definitely want to make this award stand out and make it represent the type of work that was carried out. What kind of statement do you not want the business award to make? You want them to do it so that everyone else strives for that prize next year.  A statement shows envy gratitude, but also.

From the small business to the big company, corporate awards have a level of performance. No company should underestimate the power of corporate awards. Your company will obtain a critical vision of its operations and the challenge of improving the business and the company as a whole.

Benefits of Corporate Gifts:
As the main holidays approach, many companies will be thinking of offering their customers (and possibly employees) corporate gifts. Sending company gifts does not always have to think about holidays. Many other occasions, such as referrals, conducting a project, the client’s birthday or even a business anniversary can be acceptable times to send a gift. When sending the gift, make sure it adds a personal touch, as it can go a long way. Include a handwritten note to wrap the gift yourself. You can even present the gift in person to give it that extra touch. There is not much to do or not to send a corporate gift, but the key is to make sure that the added touch is there to show the person who is grateful for what has been achieved.

Companies should not underestimate the power of corporate gifts and prizes. Not only do company awards show real appreciation, it has other employees striving to become a standout in their field. Sending company gifts also ensures your appreciation to the employee or client who appreciates the hard work and dedication that is needed to run the business. These type gestures, not only build your relationships, but help you build the company by utilizing its maximum potential.

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The use of chemical pesticides has become widespread due to its relatively low cost, its ease of application and its effectiveness, availability and stability. Chemical pesticides are generally fast acting, which limits crop damage.

Chemical pesticides have some important disadvantages, however, they are still widely sold and used. In this article, here we will discuss four of the disadvantages of chemical pesticides. First of all, chemical pesticides are often not only toxic to the organisms for which they were conceived, but also to other organisms. Chemical pesticides can be subdivided into two groups: non-selective pesticides and selective pesticides. Non-selective pesticides are the most dangerous, because they kill all kinds of organisms, including harmless and useful species.

For example, there are herbicides that kill both broadleaf weeds and grasses. This means that they are not selective, since they destroy almost all the vegetation. Selective pesticides have a more restricted scope. They only destroy the plague, the disease or the weed, without affecting other organisms. As an example we can name a herbicide that acts only on broadleaf weeds, so it can be used on the lawn already, which does not kill the grass. Nowadays, usually, a combination of several products is required for the control of several pests, since almost all the allowed products are selective and, therefore, only control a certain range of pests.

Another disadvantage of chemical pesticides is resistance. Pesticides are usually effective only for a (short) period of time for a particular organism. Organisms can develop immunity to a certain substance, losing its effect. These organisms mutate and become resistant, which results in the need to use other pesticides for their control.

A third drawback is the accumulation. If the sprayed plants are attacked by an organism, and that organism is eaten by another, the chemicals can enter the food chain. Animals that are at the top of the food chain, usually predators or humans, are at increased risk of poisoning due to the accumulation of pesticides in their system. This effect, however, is becoming less relevant because pesticides are forced to degrade more rapidly so that they can not accumulate. Otherwise, its sale is prohibited.

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As promised, this is a debt and some of my colleagues have asked me to explain to them how to fish thoroughly from the kayak. Now that I have time I have decided to publish this entry. this is the popular source for getting the information.I will try to explain as best I can the steps I follow when it comes to practicing this technique, I hope it will help those who are just starting out.

Normally this type of fishing I practice as “plan B” in my kayak trips for its simplicity and effectiveness, there are many outputs that I have saved the zero by changing gear for deep fishing. It does not usually give big captures or memorable pieces but it is rare to go to empty house besides being a very entertaining and relaxed modality.

I usually practice it on stone or mixed bottoms looking for rock fish, julies, goats, maragotas, gallanes, bream, are usually the most frequent catches.

In the image you can see from top to bottom: a pair of bream, an opportunistic green (it is rare to fish this species thoroughly), four gallans and a mixture of julies (maidens) and goats.

The equipment to be used has to be light and comfortable to hold a lot of time with it in the hand, it can perfectly serve a spinning or light jigging equipment that has good sensitivity to notice the bites and that is proportional to the weight of the weights that we use.

The weights that I use most are usually between 80 and 100 g and I usually vary it depending on the depth and current. The model that I use the most is the pear or tear type for rocky bottoms and the ball type for sand bottoms.

It must be borne in mind that in this type of fishing on rocky bottoms many leads are usually lost.

If it is practiced in very deep depths (from 20 m) it may be interesting to use finned leads like the one on the left, which descend faster than normal ones.

There are also models of lead primers that incorporate a small deposit in which to put a bit of mass to attract the fish to our equipment and that can sometimes be very interesting. They are quite expensive.

I use two different types of rigs depending on the bottom in which I am going to fish, the one you see in the following scheme is the one I use in rock or mixed bottoms. It is the typical pater rig with two branches and lead to lost. Simple and effective

The lead is always tied with less resistance thread so as not to lose all the rigging with the hooks, I connect the branches with triple swivels to reduce the tangles and avoid the twisting of the lines, besides being more comfortable and quick to change the hooks and the lead in case of losses.

The bait that I use with this type of rig is varied since the rockfish usually eats with desire and it does not disgust at anything, the three that I use the most are: Prawns or peeled shrimp, I cut it into pieces that cover just the hook , is very comfortable and quick to embody but holds less than other baits. Another very effective bait is the Korean xorra, less showy for the fish but cutting it just to cover the hook is very few bites are missed, it is ideal for the julias (maidens). I also like the squid or cuttlefish cut into strips, skewered zigzag covering the hook, is a very good bait for goats and breams and that holds much in the hook.

Both techniques I practice to practice them to the devalo or garete, letting me drag by the current tracing the zones where the picadas are concentrated. Highly recommended the use of the probe to locate the favorable areas and activity.

Well, I think after this bump I explain more or less how I like to fish, it probably will not be the best way but it gives me good results, I hope it will be useful to those who are starting.

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