In this article we will list the advantages of buying a sewing machine. Surely you have doubts about the financial outlay, or if you will get the party enough. We are not going to fool you, many sewing machines in Spanish homes are picking up dust in a closet, but that does not have to be your case. Here are 10 reasons to put a sewing machine in your life.

Make The Clothes For You

Are you the ones who come home angry because you can not find anything in the store that suits you? If so, buying a sewing machine is your solution. You will have the clothes to measure, without bags, without tight hems or tight waists. Perfect clothes for you, your size, your size, because you have sewn it yourself. Forget about ironing twisted shirts.


There is no doubt that sewing your own clothes is an economic benefit. Not only ours, but not our children, how many times you have stopped buying a dress for your son or grandson because it is too expensive and you know that in just 3 or 4 months will be small. We can not afford to go well dressed just because we can not afford the price of a store. When we learn to sew we will see beyond a showy fabric and we will realize that our finishes can be the same or better than any store.

Combined Clothing

How long have you kept those pants that you do not know if it’s steel blue, cadet blue or blue bondi … precisely because you can not find anything to combine it with? Also this season takes the green and there is nothing that goes with the blue … In a fabric store you will find varieties of color without problems and you can make a piece of complement to your taste.

Special Memories

There is no better gift than that made for oneself. The day of your wedding, in a christening, the first dress of gypsy … The memory will be much more beautiful to know that you did it with your own hands dedicating all your affection.

Those Little Things

Look around you. How many fabric things could you have sewn yourself? They are those things as you will never find them in a store. A curtain for that round window, the custom sewing basket, a bottom for the drawers of the dresser.

Personal Development

It’s true, sewing is not a one-day thing. It takes practice. But difficult things are the ones that they like the most and those that have better rewards. If you buy a sewing machine today you will have a horizon full of possibilities. You start by fixing those pants that are wide and when you want to realize your closet will be full of clothes made by you.

New Uses

Nothing is taken here! Take advantage of that shirt that is small enough to make one for your children. Or that cowboy with the worn bass to turn them into shorts. Recycling to power!

Power The Imagination

Have you ever stopped buying a dress for a wedding in a store known for fear that another guest will go the same as you? I do. That’s why for special events I always try to make my own dresses, unique, with my personal touch. Buy yourself a sewing machine and get the designer you carry inside.

Make Extra Money

If you have money, you can get some extra money by making arrangements or clothes to acquaintances. Word of mouth is key to these cases, get to know each other at work or among neighbors, when you least expect them you will have a constant drip of people asking you for commissions. Everyone likes a tailor made garment. Will you be the new dressmaker in the neighborhood?


Do you work only part-time and the evenings become long? Do you think you’re wasting your time watching TV shows that do not bring you anything? Learn to sew, you will improve as a person when you achieve your goals, surpassing you every day. You will exercise the mind and you will do something productive.

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