In the market there are several models of RC airplanes so it can be difficult to decide. In Prohobbys Radio control we show you in action some of the most interesting models.

In the blog of Prohobbys Radio control we already discussed how to choose a RC airplane for beginner but this time we are going to make a rc plane reviews to some other models that can be interesting.

A Very Affordable RC Airplane

For those who take their first steps with RC airplanes or just for those who do not want to spend a lot, a good choice is the Easy Star II of Multiplex. It has the engine protected above the wing and like other RC aircraft is built in leaper, a shockproof material. The value for money is very good.

An RC Plane That Becomes A Seaplane

The Fun Cub of Multiplex allows you to fly on any surface. It is equipped with large wheels, allowing you to ride on gravel, tall grass, etc. This RC airplane is suitable for beginners as well as for expert pilots and stands out because it can become a seaplane by means of some floats, as you can see in the following video.

An RC Plane That Grows With The Pilot

The Fun Man of Multiplex shares some characteristics with the previous model airplane that we have seen, like the big wheels or the possibility of turning it into hydroplane. It is an ideal airplane for those who start in aeromodelismo but the good thing is that when you already dominate you can acquire an ailerons kit to increase its acrobatic potential. Come on, you have fun assured.

A Plane To Fly In 3D

If you are looking for an acrobatic RC model, the Park master PRO from Multiplex can be your model. It allows you to perform all kinds of acrobatic maneuvers, is built in leaper and has vertical stabilizer. Do not miss the video to see how this device moves.

These are some of the RC aircraft we currently have in stock but in our store we have many more. Go for Prohibits Radio control to discover them and find your flight partner.

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