No Excess Of Animal Proteins

The animal proteins are not the best friends of man. Their acidifying potential is dangerous for the body. As carnivores have a short intestine, they are able to degrade and absorb meat quickly. And most importantly, they have a valuable enzyme: urase. For the human being, the process is quite different!

Due to the length of our intestines, the meat stays a long time in our digestive tract. This is conducive to stagnation in the bowels of the intestine, and to the formation of toxic putrescences. Especially in contrast to carnivores, we do not possess urase! Inevitable consequence: our meat is badly degraded, poorly assimilated, and we produce uric acid in quantity.

Acidification of the body is never a good sign. To buffer this acidity, the organism responds logically. It will draw on its mineral reserves. It is then your hair, your nails, and teeth that will pay the price. For all these reasons, it is necessary to reduce its portion of animal proteins. You can of course become a vegetarian .

And if you do not take the plunge, work economically (for your intestines, and your wallet). Eat meat once or twice a week, but consume a healthy product , purchased from a butcher you know.

Healthy Animal Protein

Even if it reduces its consumption of meat, so do it from a health perspective. That is why you can opt for fish regularly. Especially early-stage fish, such as mackerel, herring or sardines. They are very rich in omega-3 , an anti-inflammatory fat that participates in fat burning. Losing weight by eating fish, what do you say? Avoid end-of-line fish. Indeed, they eat all fish that precede them in the food chain, and thus accumulate traces of pollution in their flesh.

Yes, fish is a highly polluted food. Thus, a food such as salmon, whether smoked or paving, should be used with caution. It must be eaten organic absolutely. But above all, know that the farmed salmon is regularly pointed at the conditions of breeding defying all common sense. The density of fish allowed per cubic meter is exploded, the use of massive chemicals, and the hygienic conditions of breeding revolting. As always, organic products must be favored , especially Irish salmon, which has excellent health results.

Vegetable Proteins: The Solution

Let’s start with an unavoidable element: being vegetarian does not create protein deficiencies. The reason ? The legume / starch combination allows a complete protein intake. By combining 1/3 of legume (lentils, chickpeas) with 2/3 of starchy foods (complete rice, wholemeal pasta), you will have the entire chain of amino acids .

On the other hand, know that there are sometimes unsuspected sources of protein. Thus, dried tomatoes are an excellent supply of protein. Nature’s well done, these dried tomatoes will also boost your immune system by offering you a real shoot of vitamin A. Quinoa, lentils, broccoli, walnuts, tofu, whole grains, peas or beans red foods are the foods rich in proteins to privilege. This is where you can prepare beautiful salads, rich, healthy and tasty.

Enough to end the myth of a deficient vegetarian diet . Many professional athletes, whose diet is an essential and rigorous fuel, are vegetarians.

Also, when you want to eat a healthy meal , it is better to rely on common sense and more indepth review of fresh meals and no longer listen to the marketing speeches of the meat industry, more concerned about the greenback than about our health!

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