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Herpes Allergy Treatment

Posted by January 9, 2017

Before you worry about having herpes, it’s important that you know how can you get herpes and what causes it in the first place. The etiological agent which is responsible for herpes is a virus which is called herpes simplex virus. However, there are 8 different types buy codeine uk of this virus but the most common ones that trigger the classic symptoms of herpes are represented by herpes simplex virus 1 and 2.

Despite the general belief that you can become infected with herpes if you used the restroom after someone who has herpes, once you learn how can you get herpes you will understand the fact that direct contact between your skin and the virus is the main way in which you can get it. On the other hand, kissing and sexual contact are the usual ways that will eventually lead you to get herpes as well because this disease is manifested orally and genitally.

What are the symptoms of herpes

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Once you learn more about the symptoms of herpes you will be able to understand how is it like living with herpes and whether or not they are going to affect you in a social way. For example, if you have been infected with the virus that gets manifested orally, you are going to have cold sores, blisters or bumps which are visible. They are often preceded by itching, pain and a general burning sensation around your lips.

These oral symptoms are a result of an infection with HSV-1 and they can also be represented by sores that are located even inside your throat, your cheeks and on the roof part within your mouth. Your lymph nodes are also going to be swollen.

When it comes to the genital form of herpes, which is determined by the HSV-2 type of virus, you should expect symptoms that are not visible unless you get involved in a sexual contact. The signs are actually similar to the ones which can be noticed in the oral form, including sores on the penis or on the outside part of the vagina.

How do you know if you have herpes

A correct herpes test can tell you for sure whether you have herpes or not which is why this is a great method that your doctor should recommend you in case that you have been suspected with this disorder. If you’re wondering which kind of tests you can take in order to see if you have a simple cold sore or you are suffering from herpes, there are a few ones such as the PCR blood test or the cell culture.

The PCR herpes test is a great way of finding out if you have herpes because the virus can be identified through this method without presenting any visible symptoms which means that you might be living with herpes without even knowing it. However, this test can be quite expensive which is why you need to think twice before investing money in it.

If you have strong reasons to believe that you possibly became infected with herpes, then you should definitely take it. Taking a part of the cold sores and cultivating the virus on cells is also a possibility of being diagnosed.

What kind of herpes allergy treatment is available

People who think about the fact that the etiological agent for herpes is a virus will probably be interested in buying a miraculous herpes vaccine. However, it cannot be bought from local pharmacies and you will probably need to visit a clinic specialized in infectious diseases in order to get it. Even so, getting vaccinated doesn’t guarantee you a full recovery from herpes because there are still tests made regarding its efficiency.

This is why you should focus on other treatments instead of a herpes vaccine. For example, you can start by taking care of the cold stores in a traditional way by going through a proper hygiene routine every day, including having your genital area, in case you are suffering from this form, washed with salty water and then having them covered with oils such as Vaseline for example.

Aciclovir is also considered a medicine which has a specific action against the herpes virus and you should purchase it from the pharmacy and apply it on your cold sores.

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A Little Bit Of Body And Soul

Posted by January 6, 2017

I have a friend that ventured to Thailand this past year and she (Hi Amy!) told me stories about the Thai massages, among other things that made me rethink wanting to visit this exotic location but that is neither here nor there. I’m very interested in Eastern medicine and homeopathic healing so after hearing about her 3 American dollar massages in Thailand I added it to my list of things to try, right underneath acupuncture.

My friend Groupon, sent me a little message. Ok, Groupon sends me alerts everyday, dihydrocodeine but the preview ad was for a Thai massage institution no more than 5 miles from my house. Score! Added bonus? It was only $60 for a couples massage so Chuck got to enjoy the experience too.

I’m not going to lie and pretend that I’m naive enough to think that some places around may be less than professional. I just crossed my fingers and hoped that since this place was advertised on Groupon that there would be no…dirty sheets.

Body & Soul Thai Massage was a cute little building located on Northwestern Highway in Farmington Hills. We were greeted at the door and because we requested a Thai massage and not a signature massage, we were shown to different rooms. Sandy, my masseuse, was very quiet as she worked. I was really surprised at how many knots I had in my legs, and believe me I felt every single one. The only thing I was disappointed about was she spent a lot the hour on my legs and my shoulders are where I carry most of my stress. I’ve had other therapeutic and sports massages and they focused mainly on my shoulders. Regardless, she knew what she was doing because there are days in yoga where it is unbearable to keep my arms raised. It’s been over a week since my Thai massage and at yoga tonight there was no pain keeping my arms raised in the warrior positions or any other position for that matter. My muscles are loose and my flexibility has increased.

Chuck enjoyed his massage as well with Annie. If you talk to him he’ll praise everything about her. She talked to him while she worked asking him questions and pointing out problem areas. He’s not a huge fan of therapeutic massages and he was really surprised at how much better he felt after this experience. He’ll talk your ear off about it if you ask.

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