I’ve been professionally sharpening since 1997, and have been working in my own grooming shop since we first opened in 1979. I feel this gives me a competitive edge over all the local sharpeners because they are not sympathetic to a groomers questions and needs. How many times have you asked a question and got the run around because they had no idea what your talking about? Not with me. I wanted to start a sharpening service for pet groomers that took two things into consideration: Getting groomers equipment back to them in a timely manner, and when they do get it back……. EVERYTHING CUTS GREAT !!! Visit http://www.taman.com.au/ to find out more!

As a groomer, I know how your equipment is suppose to cut. Groomers on my mobile route have switched to using my service exclusively because they say “We feel better with you doing our sharpening because you understand what goes on in here everyday”. I have a slogan I have used to compliment my service and it is this: “Groomers Working For Groomers”. A fitting slogan that tells it all.

I am continually training on the new technology that is coming out every year. I go to sharpening seminars where we share new techniques for this technology. I am one of the few sharpeners who can sharpen all ceramic blades, Laube SpeedFeed and SharkTooth trimmer blades, Wahl trimmer blades, and any clipper blade or shear consistently with a 100% success rate. Some manufacturers refer my service when asked who sharpens their products.
My service caters to Pet Groomers and Veterinarians, with an occasional barber or hair stylist. I have several sharpening certifications that enables me to do ALL types of shears, so don’t be afraid to send them to me. I have fixed shears that some professionals have determined “ruined”. I do clipper maintenance on some brands for free, and I charge for parts only. ( One pair per sharpening order only, call for details and clipper types ). Clipper maintenance consists of replacing cords, hinges, carbons, blade drives, switches, levers, etc. If you have a box of clippers that have been sitting for years they all may need an armature from sitting, so update your clipper inventory with new ones. If something is wrong, or I have trouble fixing something the way I know it should be fixed, I’ll always call you because I don’t like surprises either. Make sure I have your phone number.

If you fill out the “Inventory Sheet” below, it will let you itemize your equipment, document your contact information, list things that are wrong with your stuff, and will give you a shipping label to put on the box. Everything you need in one two-page document you just put in the box. Click on it. As a mail-in customer I like to accept payment the following ways: A check made out to “Jeff Andrews” or “Northern Tails” with the amount left blank. No one can cash it but me and something always happens where the amount you made it out for is not correct. Regular customers give me their credit card info and I charge it automatically. And I can also send a bill back with the box and wait for a check to be sent.

My “On-site” Sharpening Route

My route extends through the entire Gulf Coast from New Orleans through the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and from Mobile AL to the Pensacola FL area, to the Ft Walton Beach/Destin FL area (Mobile AL is my home). This also includes southern Mississippi, southern Alabama, and the eastern Florida panhandle. That sounds like a large area to cover but its not, its only about 175 miles from Pensacola FL to New Orleans, LA. I did four different states when I lived up north.

I know being new to the Gulf Coast area could make the area groomers apprehensive to try something different because they’ve had bad luck with sharpeners just passing through. I bring a different more reliable “World Class” sharpening service to the Gulf, remember I sharpen the equipment for groomers from all over the world. Sharpening that is done by a “groomer” that knows just about everything that goes on in the grooming shop all day. Many groomers in the Gulf have changed to using our service, and are appreciative that I moved to Mobile AL permanently. I’m here to help people, and local references can be given upon request.

If you like the fact I’m a groomer just like you, and can be sensitive to your questions, needs, or anticipations, a nice person to work with, then I’m your sharpening guy. Its not about the money anymore, its about helping people and giving them the best sharpening and training available anywhere.

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