Bariatric surgery is an advanced form of laparoscopic surgery by which a portion of the digestive system is reduced or re-ordered so that it has substantial impact in reducing weight in patients who suffer from chronic and huge obesity. It is very important to choose the right surgeon considering there are so many clinics in Sydney.

The following tips may be considered while choosing a Bariatric Surgeon in Sydney:

  1. First of all, do you qualify for a bariatric surgery? It depends on your BMI or Body Mass Index. People in the categories of high order overweight BMI, obese or severely obese BMI are suggested with this kind of surgery. Normally, people with slight to middle order overweight BMI are advised on conservative methods of weight loss.
  2. Secondly, research a bit to know more about your conditions and what can be the effective weight management methods under Bariatric surgery in your case. You should also know about the related complications that may be associated with the surgery. This knowledge is very important because you should discuss these with your chosen surgeon. This will also help you to narrow down your search. There are broadly four kinds of surgical management methods like the Restrictive method, Mal-absorptive method, Aspiration and Vagal nerve blocking. You should know each of these methods before taking an appointment with the doctor. In case of Restrictive methods, the size of the stomach is simply reduced. In Mal-absorptive method, surgery is made in a way that different parts of the intestine will absorb lesser minerals, calories and fat soluble vitamins. In Aspiration technique, a large amount of the food you will consume will pass out of the system without digestion or absorption. In Vagal nerve blocking, hunger signals sent by the stomach to the brain is blocked to some extent. There are several complications associated with each of these processes. It is advisable to seek consultation from more than one specialist. Also see a doctor who specializes in more than one of the above categories.

  • Reading review before choosing a clinic is must. There are many medical websites that upload editor’s review as well as those posted by real clients. Try to get a referral from a friend or any person you know who has undergone this kind of surgery.
  1. It is important that the doctor you have chosen has treated many patients before in this category of bariatric surgery. Years of experience in that particular method has to be appreciable. This assures that you are in safe hands.
  2. Cost is another decisive factor because bariatric surgeries are expensive. The cost includes doctor and his team’s fee, anesthesia charges and few cases equipment charge is there. Some doctors suggest additional therapy before and after surgery like hypnosis, psychological care and others. A professional dietician needs to be consulted from time to time for every patient opting for this kind of laparoscopic surgery. Ask for the total cost along with subdivisions in the very first appointment.
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