When I think about what a family SHOULD be, this is it. It’s so hard to write actual words as to describe the Bitton family, so I’d rather speak about the experience. Mom (Alisa), came to me really wanting some great family photographs. She hadn’t had any taken in a while of their complete family video production together, and she wanted their “love” captured. When you first meet Alisa, she is a very genuine person. She lets you know exactly what she is looking for, and it is what a friend of mine calls “very refreshing”. It was just that.

Right from the start, you could just see how “family” they really are. During our consultation, their littlest son Eastin was being embraced by his mom. Dad (Ryan) was heading off to class. He is a hard-working active duty member of the Air Force. But he is also a student in college. Mom (Alisa) takes care of their 3 beautiful children, while also running an FCC. This spoke of magnitude to me. They work hard for what they have, and they strive for more.

At the session, their “family’ness” came out again. Ryan was sitting himself down in the studio to get ready for the first shot, and Jayden (their oldest boy) just comes up behind him and puts bunny ears on dad. Lol. We weren’t completely ready for the shot, we weren’t trying to take a photo yet, but he was just simply goofing off with his dad.

Even in the middle of all of the chaos, they just still found time to be themselves. Kylie (their middle daughter) was a sweet as she could be. She loved helping her mom. The older siblings never were upset, they listened, and they helped so much. When I asked them to sit really close together, they did so without a second thought. They put their hands around each other, they were comfortable being together. They helped getting their little brother Eastin in the shot by being silly or sweet, and it was natural to them. I could tell that their family just loved each other’s presense immensely.

Alisa and Ryan are a team. They strive and live for their children. That is given. Their family is one of the strongest I’ve seen. And I adored every minute I worked with them. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of creating these memories and images that I hope you all cherish for a lifetime.