Search job offers in real time, limit the search for offers to our interests, conduct online job interviews, investigate the characteristics of the companies that interest us, manage the job search process or manage a network of professional contacts are some of the advantages of looking for a job online.

From Employees To Management Positions

In addition to the obvious advantages it offers to candidates, it is increasingly common for large companies to use their corporate web pages to publish their job offers and manage their recruitment processes .

The use of the Internet as a tool to find vacancies in Nigeria is open to all types of profiles , including those that may seem more distant from the world of new technologies.

The candidate who disseminates his / her history on the Internet covers all the professional fields and the categories of work, from technicians to middle managers, through employees or management positions.

Internet In Front Of Traditional Intermediaries

Compared to traditional intermediaries, job search on the Internet offers numerous and innovative advantages to job seekers:

  • Consult information on the labor market constantly updated and available at any time of the day, from anywhere.
  • Find job offers exclusively in the area where we reside, in another province, country or continent, in the area or sector that interests us and in the type of company that we want.
  • Online pre-selection , that is, conducting job interviews and psycho-technical tests online.
  • Ease of research or, what is the same, to investigate the characteristics of the companies that interest us.

  • Manage the job search process , taking control of the offers submitted, CVs sent and updated evaluation of our candidacy in the selection process.
  • Establish a network of contacts with other professionals in the sector to exchange experiences through the different communication tools available (contact network, newsgroups, forums, mailing lists, electronic bulletin boards, online consultations and real-time talks ).