Day By Day Plan To Lose Weight

You may be a bit skeptical and think that it is impossible to lose weight in 3 weeks. It’s just a matter of going step by step or day by day adding or removing something from your diet and habits. Start as soon as possible and you will see the results!

1 Day

Write your goals in a notebook or paper and leave it in a visible place. Start with a simple exercise routine (for example, going for a walk ).

2nd Day

Eliminates the sources of liquid calories, that is, coffee, soft drinks and alcohol. Replace them with water, green tea and natural juices. Write what you eat in a spreadsheet (without forgetting anything).

3rd Day

Make the second day of training. You can increase the walking blocks or add another exercise.

4th Day

Change from 3 large meals to 6 small meals each day. Do not forget to add fruits, vegetables, fibers and proteins at all meals.

5th Day

Make a shopping list with healthy foods and go to the market with it (do not add anything else). If you can not resist the temptation, it would be good for you to throw away, give away or even sell the products you are not allowed to consume.

6th Day

Weigh yourself and write down the kilos in your notebook. Choose an activity to do at least 3 times a week. It can be a sport, a dance class or go out to exercise at the park.

7th Day

Plan the next week’s diet and, if necessary, make another purchase at an organic and naturist fair or store.

8th Day

Continue with your exercise plan. You can hire a coach or change the exercises yourself so you do not get bored.

9th Day

Add to your diet a fruit and a vegetable that you have never eaten before or that you have not enjoyed for a long time. Try to consume them raw or steamed .

10th Day

Eliminate the sources of trans fats from the diet and do not forget to exercise.

11th Day

Make sure you are drinking enough water (2 liters in winter and 3 liters in summer or the days you play sports).

12th Day

Pay attention to the amount of fibers you consume per day. It is recommended, at least, 35 grams. If you do not reach this figure, consume a handful of almonds (which, in addition, help you control your appetite).

13th Day

Count the calories you consumed the previous days based on the intake chart. Check how much is the minimum and maximum allowed according to your age, weight and height, as well as the target of kilos you want to eliminate.

14th Day

Plan the diet for the next week making the purchase and analyzing the foods you have at home. Eat more fruits (blueberries, raspberries or blackberries, for example).

15th Day

Change the physical activity you were doing so far or increase the difficulty. You can add more weight, reduce marks or walk more blocks. You can also add a new series or more exercises to the routine.

16th Day

Follow a new technique of cooking food in relation to what you have been doing. It can be, for example, steam or grilled. Try to eat more raw and fat-free menus.

17th Day

Dinner less than the previous days and look for a different source of protein than usual. For example, if you usually eat chicken or tuna, change to meat or salmon .

18th Day

Train a little more than the previous session . Check the loads, times or distances and try to add new exercises.

19th Day

Check your goals and find out if you are close to reaching your goal . You can weigh yourself or try on clothes from the previous season that you did not get into before you started this 21-day weight loss plan.

20th Day

Make the purchase for the next few days (by now you will not want to go back to the routine you had three weeks ago, because you will look thinner, but also with more energy and vitality).

21st Day

Be more precise in your vision and analyze the changes you have made in your life. Strengthen your commitment Keep going. You have already created your healthy habit!

At last we have to say that eat healthy, do exercise and take care of yourself if you want best results to get slimmer. Also read weightloss products & it works reviews if you are not getting any benefit from natural ways of exercise. All the doctors & health specialist always suggest to read about the company making products for you. Read the customers reviews first anywhere on internet you like.